Windmill for Sale in Texas

The hard working 8-foot windmill is the most popular size windmill sold for the last hundred years. It looks good, last a long time and it is easy on your pocketbook at $3,500.


8 Foot Windmill  $3,500
8 Foot Windmill with Tower Interface $4,500
8 Foot Windmill & 21 Foot Tower $6,000
8 Foot Windmill & 27 Foot Tower $6,500
10 Foot Windmill $4,850
10 Foot Windmill with Tower Interface $6,000
10 Foot Windmill & 33 Foot Tower $10,000
Tower Anchor Kit $600
*All items sold as kits. Add $500 for Heavy Duty tower  
Most windmills you see are 8 foot in diameter. Uncle Paul would say 8-foot windmills are like relatives after you win the lottery, they are everywhere you look once you start paying attention and watch for them. 

8 Foot Windmill $3,500

The windmill kit includes the complete working windmill and tail vane. The 8-foot windmill is the “Standard Texas Windmill.” The 8-foot windmill has an adjustable stroke of 7-1/8 inch or 5-1/2. This 8-foot weighs 350 pounds and is rated to lift water up to 200 feet. This is a great water pumping windmill.

8 Foot Windmill & Tower Interface $4,500

The windmill and interface kit includes a compete windmill kit and a short interface for wood or steel towers. This is perfect for building your own tower or adding our windmill to an existing non Aermotor type tower. The tower interface includes the mast pipe that the windmill motor sits on and furl / shutoff system, as well as the ground shutoff lever.

The tower interface has mounting hole and has been punched and notched before being dipped in the hot galvanizing vat for a rust-free long life. 

Note: If you have an existing four-legged Aermotor tower, our windmill should fit your tower.

8 Foot Windmill & 21 Foot “Texas Widespread” Tower $6,000

This package includes the compete windmill kit and the famous 21-foot-tall Texas widespread tower kit. (It’s called the widespread tower, but it is only six foot from leg to leg at the ground.)
The tower design was based upon the image of a person standing in a strong wind with their legs spread out wider than their shoulders as opposed to standing with their feet together. The wider spread gives a person and a windmill tower much more support against a strong and shifting Texas wind. If you look closely, you will see a slight bend outward of the tower legs just under the included wood platform.

8 Foot Windmill & 27 Foot Tower $6,500

Texas Tried and Texas True, the 8-foot windmill on a 27-foot tower.

This bundle includes the compete windmill kit and the tall, 27-foot hot dipped galvanized tower kit. This is a common tower found all over the Texas and the Midwest. It was very popular for ranchers because it allowed for 21-foot sections for pipe to be raised out of the well without hitting the windmill. The taller tower has added girts and angle braces compared to its widespread sister, but it is still five foot seven inches from leg to leg for great support. As with all of our towers, the wood platform and ladder steps are included. 

10 Foot Windmill $4,850

The Big 10-foot Windmill kit includes the complete working windmill and tail vane.
The 10-foot windmill has an adjustable stroke of 9-1/4 inch or 7-1/4 inch. The 10-foot weights 650 pounds as opposed to 350 pounds for the 8-foot windmill so you can see it is a lot more windmill. The end of the tail vane is about 10 foot out from the center of the tower and the wheel is 10-foot round so it is very impressive to see. The big 10 is rated to lift water up to 300 feet. Make sure you click on the photos to see just how large this windmill is. And I’m not saying anything I wouldn’t say to his face, but Fred isn’t a little guy, but he looks a lot smaller next to the Big 10.

10 Foot Windmill with Tower Interface $6,000

This kit includes the Big 10 windmill kit and a short tower top for building your own wood or steel windmill tower. Look at the tower interface for the 8 foot above for more info but remember that the Big 10 tower interface is much heavier than the 8-foot kit.

10 Foot Windmill & 33 Foot Tower $10,000

This is a Texas Size Windmill Outfit: This kit teams up the Big 10 windmill package with a heavy duty 33-foot-tall tower. It has three sets of angle braces on each side and four horizontal girts per side. The larger tower requires a larger red platform to match big wheel but don’t worry, it is included.
This impressive matched pair makes a heck of a statement and can be noticed from quite a distance.

Tower Anchor Kit $600

We offer a set of four, five-foot-long galvanized steel anchors for our windmill towers. The anchors are the same steel as the tower legs and each anchor has a set of feet. They make for a quick and easy installation and all the holes line up with the bottom of the tower legs.

We offer a heavy duty Upgrade $500

We upsize the thickness of the tower legs and change the cross braces to a thicker and wider material. We also upsize your anchor set at no extra charge with this package. 

Yes, we ship windmills and tower. 

*Notes: All prices are COD at our shops for a unassembled kit.*