We have Windmills for Sale in Texas! 

Welcome to Texas Windmills.Com.

We are a small group of windmill enthusiasts that bring windmills to you at discount prices. We offer factory direct windmills, at low cost, that are fashioned after your grandfather’s 1930’s Aermotor Windmill.

If you need to pump water, or if you don’t need to pump water but you always wanted a windmill spinning on your ranch, you found the right place. Yes, all our windmills will pump water, but they don’t have to pump water to spin and be enjoyed.

The Home of the No Worry Windmill

No aluminum, no plastic, only “no worry windmills” are sold here. Anything less than a true windmill will not self-control the speed, or automatically furl (turn) out of the wind at high speed.

Tried and True 1933 Model “Run-In-Oil Windmills”

The winds in Texas will not tolerate a fake or reproduction windmill, so we only offer authentic windmills. Our windmills and towers are hot dipped galvanized and use Babbitt bearings that run-in-oil, just like the windmills made in the 1930’s.

A windmill without the gears and the furl system will fail in the Texas Wind. It’s just a matter of time!

It’s All About the Wind & Wheel Speed

There is a reason you see old farm windmills standing proudly over water wells all over Texas. Those old ranch windmills were made to last by people who took pride in workmanship. Plus, they automatically controlled the speed of the wind wheel in rough weather.

We Are Here for Ranch Owners and Contractors Who Want a Windmill

Most folks have never bought a windmill, so we put together this website to help you learn about the Texas Windmill you always wanted. Please click around the website and don’t forget to check back often for updates.

We offer kits and well supplies for windmills. We can deliver assembled windmills, but we are not water well contractors.

Remember, nothing says Texas like a windmill, and nothing says I love you like the gift of a windmill.