What about a warranty?

All new windmills come with a 10-year limited parts warranty from the factory.

Do you sell used windmills?

Most people want a windmill just like grandpa’s windmill and that is what we sell. All our windmills are new and worry free, but they are a clone of the post war Chicago Aermotor windmill, so they look the same as the old Texas water pumping windmills. They will get a nice patina on the metal in the weather, but you can also make it look old quickly with a little effort.

What About Restored Windmills?

We do build windmills for museums and historical sites. We use all new running gear and a new furl system. A lot of effort goes into rebuilding and balancing the wheel and they are only sold fully assembled. With the added labor, the restored windmill can cost more than the new kit windmill.

A Word of Warning About Buying A Used Windmills

Compare a windmill to a pickup truck. Would you buy a 1940’s working ranch truck and expect it to be worry free? On top of that, unlike a truck that only runs a few hours a day, the windmill stands out in the weather 24/7 living a hard life. Beware of the guy who tells you, “It was spinning when we took it down” or the “Weekend Overhauled” windmill. The pits and scars of a hard life in the wind will soon eat up temporary repairs and you will hear the scream of the metal on metal in the middle of the night. Or worse yet, wake up to the terrible sound of a windmill coming down.

What happens in strong winds?

We also include a ground level, metal shut off lever that turns the wheel out of the wind and sets the brake. You don’t have to be there to shut the windmill off; it will turn out of the wind by itself.  The old timers say, “When the weatherman says the wind is going to blow so hard that it takes two hands to hold your dress from blowing over your head, it’s best to set the brake.”

What about delivery options?

We travel a great deal so contact us to see if we are heading your way. We also ship windmills with standard freight companies.

If you want to meet us and haul your windmill home, you will need a way to carry the 2×2 angle iron tower legs that are just under 14 feet long.

Everything else will fit in the bed of a pickup.It is always nice to meet face to face and go over your questions.

We can deliver assembled windmills and towers if needed.

What is Included with the Windmill?
Can I put this together?

Ninety-five percent of our customers build the windmill themselves. It comes with step by step instructions on how to assemble the windmill and we are just a phone call away if you need help. Everything is disassembled but if you have a few simple tools and a little bit of mechanical know-how, it is very simple. If you wish, we can put it together for a fee.

Can I get a copy of the instructions?

You can order the Windmill 702 Book from the museum. Click Here to order your book:

Is this an Air Motor, Aeremotor or Air-e-motor Windmill?

This a clone of the original Chicago Aermotor windmills. It is 99% compatible with the original Aermotor Model 702 built from 1933 on. The tower is a duplicate of the Aermotor tower with a few modifications to make it stronger. (We are not affiliated with the Aermotor Company)

Can I make electrical power with a farm windmill?

The farm style windmill is for pumping water. It is NOT used for generating electrical power.

Where are your windmills made?

The windmills are made in Mexico by a family that has been making windmills for over 60 years.They provide a 10-year limited parts warranty for all windmill parts. Daniel, the product manager, lives and works in Texas and is always here to help with questions.

How does a windmill pump water?

Take a look at the PDF and video on Rock Ridge Windmills

Do you sell wood towers?

We do not stock wood towers in Texas. We have the interface kit if you want to build your own wood tower. Our friend Jess at Big Sky Windmills custom makes beautiful wooden windmill towers. He has windmills and towers for sale in Montana. Check out Jess’s windmills and towers at https://bigskywindmills.com/