We are a small group of windmill enthusiasts that enjoy windmills. We are dedicated to keeping the American windmill image alive and helping liked minded folks do the same. Most of us have over 10 years of experience with windmills, and a few of us are passing the 20-year mark of windmilling.

We have teamed up with the windmill factory to purchase windmills direct from the factory and distribute them to you at a very low cost.

We supply windmills to contractors and ranch owners.

We volunteer at the windmill museums and help teach about windmills to keep the windmill tradition alive. We have traveled all over the country meeting nice folks and helping with windmills. Many of our windmills are in Canada. You might even see our windmills in movies or TV shows. A big special thanks to our windmill mentors Uncle Paul and Ken, and all the other windmill masters. We are very grateful for your friendship and all the great knowledge you have passed on to us.

We are not water well contractors, but we are happy to work with your contractors or onsite staff to provide support as needed.

You can find us meeting old friends and making new friends almost anywhere you find windmills. Like the American Windmill Museum in Lubbock TX

We love helping out at the New Mexico State University NMSU Windmill Technology Certification Workshop We will be at the Windmill Certification Class every June.

A thanks to Kevin from Rock Ridge Windmills for all the great photos. Please send us your windmill photos so we can add them to our website.

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Please Note: We are not affiliated with the Aermotor Windmill Company of San Angelo, Texas but we are proud to say we are friends with all windmillers.